Academics is the life blood of an Educational Institution this Vidyalaya is affiliated to the centre board of secondary education and follows the continuous comprehensive evaluation system for the assessment of this scholastic & non-scholastic performance of the children. Monthly tests on unit basis are conducted periodically every subjects to evaluate the performance of the students. All subject teachers under the chairmanship of Principle or a Senior Teacher subjects the results of all the classes through scrutiny every month.

This procedure helps the teaching staff to understand the Academic standard & position of the students the teacher’s plan their strategy accordingly based on the need of the students. Apart from administering Unit Tests every month, assignments are also given in each subject. A total of 8 unit tests and assignments are given in each subject. Interesting projects that will ignite the creativity of the students and propel them beyond the textbooks also form as part of the curriculum.

Interactive teaching is predominantly followed. The teachers also employ technology to improve the pace of teaching, computers, Television, Tape recorder, Microscope, Telescope, Slide projector are effectively used. Special remedial classes for the low achievers are under taken to help and assist them in coping up with their studies.