Sl. No

Infrastructure Quantity
1 No of Classrooms available 14
2 Library 01
3 Multipurpose Hall 01
4 Computer Lab 01
5 Laboratory 04
6 M.I. Room 01
7 Dining Hall 02
8 Kitchen 01
9 Dormitories - Boys 05
Dormitories - Girls 02
Dormitories - Toilets 56
10 Staff Quarters - Type III 28
Staff Quarters - Type I 12
Staff Quarters - Guest house 02
11 Generator Set 01
12 Vehicle 01
13 Cooking (LPG) gas system Installed
14 Electric Transformer installed 100 K.V. substation
15 Water supply
- Source of Water Bore wells
- Storage capacity O.H.T. of 135 Kilolitre
- Lifting facility like pumps Available
- Number of Tube well 02


The efficient management of a residential school depends upon the quality of the house system functioning in a school. A two-tier house system is followed in the Navodaya Vidyalayas, namely



There are four junior houses and four senior houses and two houses for girls. Each house is lead by a House Master and an Assistant House Master. Each child is allotted a House on the day he/she is admitted to the Vidyalaya. The House Masters have to ensure the safety and security of the children in his custody and encourage them to participate in the inter House competitions. He has to motivate and guide all the students placed under his care. The House Master plays the role of a parent friend and philosopher to the children. Their physical, emotional and psychological needs are taken care.

The House system fosters in them team spirit, qualities of leadership, harmony in inter personal relationship adjustment and a broad perspective of life.

The names of the houses are ARAVALI, NILGIRI, SHIVALIK AND UDAIGIRI.
These names are uniform through out the country and reflect the all India character of the Navodaya Vidyalayas.



The Vidyalaya has a well-equipped library with a total of 8000 books. The library regularly subscribes eight different newspapers in English, Hindi & Kannada. The library also receives thirty-six periodicals. The ‘Career corner’ provides information to the senior students. The department of library observe National book week every year in order to promote reading habits among the students. Mobile Library was launched in the neighborhood among the school students to give an exposure to the students and also inculcate reading habits.

CHEMISTRY Laboratory

The chemistry department in the Vidyalaya is full fledged with all infrastructure and basic amenities for plus two levels. It has the following facilities.

1. Permanent six working tables with a gas connection and water facilities.

2. Glass black board

3. Chemistry reference library

4. Different investigatory projects record

5. Chemicals for new innovations and investigatory projects.

6. In addition, science club has been functioning in the Vidyalaya concentrating on increasing general science awareness. Students have participated in Science Quiz, Visit to Vishveswaraiah Museum etc.

BIOLOGY Laboratory

Biology Laboratory is well equipped with all necessary infrastructure with overhead projector, film strip projector and Microscope. Number of biological charts and photographs have added feather to the department.

Laboratory can accommodate 24 students in a batch. Provision is made to keep the lab materials in cup boards after the practical. It is very spacious with good ventilation.



PHYSICS Laboratory

The Vidyalaya has a well-equipped physics laboratory with adequate space to accommodate 24 students. The instrument like spectroscope, slide calipers, Prisms, screw gauge, Vernier scale, Bar magnet, Horse shoe magnet, mini Telescope etc are available to the students in their practical hours.


GEOGRAPHY Laboratory

Our Vidyalaya has a well-equipped geography laboratory with sufficient accommodation. Twenty children can be accommodated in each batch. Map preparation stencils and tracing table were added to the existing stock. Six sets of chain survey instruments and six sets of plain table survey instruments for a batch of twenty four students are use during practical session.

This year it is planned to establish mini water observatory in the campus to update the knowledge of the children.


The Vidyalaya is well equipped with a computer lab with 15 PC’s, 2 Dot Matrix Printers, 3 DeskJet Printers and 2 laser printers. To make the teaching learning process more effective, VSAT broadband Internet is connected to 10 PC’s. All the teachers and office Staff are specially trained by NVS, Hyderabad to update the computer knowledge. Students and teachers are also exposed to various computer skills and competitions. Computer aided learning in the Vidyalaya is in full swing and educational CD’s are supplementing the effective implementation of the programme.


Apart from Academic and other activities, the Vidyalaya has the responsibility of managing the mess to cater the needs of all the students. There is a Mess committee, which manages the procurement, preparation and distribution of food. The Mess committee constitutes catering assistant, staff nurse, Housemasters and Students representatives under the chairmanship of the principal. Monthly Mess Meetings are convened to prepare the Menu and analyse the monthly expenditure. A well-balanced and nutritious food is provided to the children. Seasonal fruits are also given. The major purchases are done through the quotation or Govt. organizations.